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function adjust Month(int $months Adj){ //same notes as above apply; but also, I allow any number to be passed in for $months Adj.

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You could misunderstand it that the method would return a new instance with the modified value, but in fact it modifies itself! (Only a side note on procedural style mentions it, but it obviously does not apply to object oriented style.)= 5.5, instead of using "glavic at gmail dot com"'s Date Time Enhanced class, use the built in Date Time Immutable type.These ways were slow, unsafe, often uncomfortable, and weren't able to provide any guarantees of success.With, you can enjoy fast and safe communication with Russian girls seeking serious long-term relationships without any third-party interruptions.Click “Confirm” → “Send code” if you do not have a code, or “Confirm” → “I already have a code” if you have it.Note that the add() and sub() methods will modify the value of the object you're calling the method on!

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