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If you care more about money than happiness, or live outside of the city, please move on, I’m only looking to date local.” While the words will differ from profile to profile, I see profiles similar to the example above all the time.

It is ok to desire certain qualities in a partner, but they have to worded correctly.

Instead of emphasizing what we want, while adding a little bit of humor to the mix.

Finally, the comment about only dating local was eliminated because it is irrelevant.

“If you are cute, active, and down-to earth, then you will definitely have my attention.

If you could add some intelligent conversation to the mix as well, then I may just have my tiny little grandmother begging to meet you.

In addition, our online dating profile service offers a risk-free, full refund guarantee.

If you don’t like the profile we create for you, request a refund within three days via email and you will receive a full refund with no hidden return fees.

Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, my staff and I have been writing profiles at a success rate of over 99% since 2009 for men and women all over the world.Jessica has a great job and may love what she does, but unfortunately, this description will not spark any attraction or interest. So let’s transform the example above into the kind of writing that others will take notice of. Wink…” In the revised profile example, Jessica now appears unique, stands out from the competition, demonstrates various aspects of her personality, reveals qualities men are attracted to (helping others, being silly, etc.), displays nothing but positive energy, shows a passion for her daily life, demonstrate humor with a playful joke, and innocently flirts with the reader.“Most days of the week you could find me living out my dream as a 10th grade drama teacher. All of this (and more) is accomplished in just a few very short sentences.This online dating profile example comes across as needy, negative, arrogant, aggressive, and far too demanding.In addition, the money comment would cause a woman to think you have baggage.

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