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If you’ve never witnessed someone apostatize firsthand, this episode involving Joshua Harris is but a minor twinge of sadness.

Surely, we can grieve from afar–but none will grieve as much as those close to him who will continue on in Christ.

My blog pages elaborate on this and asks if “kissing dating goodbye” is appropriate for all ages.

Temporarily “kissing dating goodbye” which could also be called postponing dating might be appropriate especially for younger teenagers.

Surely, if one departs wholly from “all the measurements [they] have for defining a Christian,” it is little wonder they would likewise depart from the biblical sexual ethic, or any biblical ethic.

Joshua Harris, famous for writing “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” on the courtship model, announced via Instagram that he is no longer a Christian.

This is my attempt to share some of my thoughts on “kissing dating goodbye” and “courtship” practices. If nothing else I hope to encourage people to think about the concept and decide for themselves what is most important for them in their situation.

Note: Much of my criticism of the “kissing dating goodbye” approach is from the perspective of a single person in his 20’s and 30’s who was involved in churches where this approach was the norm.

In it, he explains his “deconstruction” of a biblical worldview and further expresses remorse for many of his previous beliefs.

Inevitably, what this portrays of Joshua Harris is that he went down a road seeking to “repent of his wrongs” in advocating for what can only be construed as biblical conservatism, yet came out on the opposite side of that journey as an unbeliever.

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