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Gel nails, shiny nail art - all this is not in high esteem.Most often, the color of the varnish is chosen in tone to the basic colors of clothing, exotic and acidic, not advisable.

There are hairstyles like "little head", which is performed in combination with a spectacular color burst. For many modern hairstyles, partial thinning of the hair in the area of ​​the temple is characteristic.

It's like a girl saying, "I'm brazen and uncomplexed, I'll go through the corpses to reach my goal." But in Polish, unlike Russian, the word "ambitna" has a positive connotation.

Almost always in the company of women of different nationalities, Polish women win.

The best praise in this case comes from the lips of her husband (The Pan): "Honey, you are so beautiful, even if you do not have makeup." The lip gloss has almost completely supplanted the traditional lipstick: it is much easier to apply and faster, there are many shades, and a light and transparent base gives shine and chic to the most neutral makeup.

Therefore, it enjoys a particular popularity among Polish girls: the soft lips create a feeling of freshness and youth.

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