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When they married, they agreed to support each other in completing their education and career plans.

But they didn’t anticipate the monetary or emotional cost: days without a decent conversation, weekends without time for relaxation or intimacy, less money for clothes and entertainment, periods of resentment and self-pity.

“I had prayed for help at work and when playing sports, so I started to pray for help at home. That led us to learning new ways of communicating with each other.

We just slowly began to realize that we couldn’t overcome this by ourselves because we were both part of the problem.” Even when we have only a tiny bit of faith in ourselves or in God, prayer can sustain us.

Courtney and Stan’s graduation celebration, like the success of Jose and Imelda in persevering through difficult times, is directly related to the promise they made on their wedding day to love and honor each other forever.

Today, when many have lost confidence in married love, they prove it is possible!

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Confirmation bias is the tendency to look for, interpret, and remember information according to your beliefs, whereas belief perseverance is said to be a state wherein a person refuses to change his beliefs even though his beliefs might be proven wrong.

Every couple I have ever known has times when they are disillusioned, angry, depressed, tired, or just plain ready to give up.

It could be over money, work, kids, alcohol, the house, sports, sex, or in-laws.

When Dick couldn’t walk after his stroke, he and Nancy hoped for future good times with their grandchildren. There were no vacations, expensive concerts or pricey bottles of wine during graduate school.

Noted marriage researcher Scott Stanley’s studies of sacrifice in marriage show that when both spouses are willing to sacrifice it is a powerful way of expressing love for each other.

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