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Her eyes were this special shade of brown, her hair unique as it shifted between brown and blonde, and the way she talked was something the likes of which I’d never quite heard before or since. With the force of a volcanic eruption, our hearts were ripped from each other. You see, that relationship was missing a very important ingredient. Being best friends is like having vegetables in your soup. It’s at this point where the structure of the relationship is being formed, and how intentionally you’re doing things determines how much it can take. Say what you will about being in the friend zone (we’re still using that term…), it does teach you patience.I didn’t even know her middle name yet, but I did know it was love at first sight. Turns out she felt the same way and immediately said yes. Three, four times we did this to each other until we hated each other’s guts. Odd metaphors aside, here are five important reasons to be best friends with your significant other. When someone makes a mistake in the relationship, the friendship foundation can be the difference between the relationship recovering or ending. That patience is going to be important when your significant other finds a way to get on nerves you didn’t know you had.Honestly all I wanted to know was whether I should waste anymore time on him.

All of a sudden he stopped talking, after I asked him multiple times eventually he said that he's down because his friend tried to kill herself.

Attraction itself doesn't incentivize anyone to do that, only a true understanding of and care for each other can.

This kind of sentiment usually arises out of friendship first.

Lot many social and cultural organization too celebrate the occasion and mark Friendship Day by hosting programs and get together.

We texted for like a month then for around 2 weeks he just stopped replying, but then came back.

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