Dating older guys in college

As Aida*, 26, a university dropout reveals: “You must be willing to forego any form of moral consciousness if you are determined to live a sponsored life,” she says.Her journey into such a lifestyle dates back 3 years ago after she came to Dar es Salaam to pursue a university degree.I’ll also never forget having to wait outside of the liquor store while he went in and bought us something to drink. I’m in a different stage of my life than most of these guys.

I’m young, I’m out with my girls every other night, and I worry about due dates, assignments, and exams.

I’m still really young—as in, I can’t even legally drink yet—which means dating older guys is challenging on a whole other front.

This one guy I dated was about to go out clubbing with his friends, and when one of his boys asked if he wanted to bring me, he had to reply awkwardly by saying I wasn’t actually old enough to go clubbing yet.

He’s at the office every morning, he worries about paying bills, and he has a Costco membership for God’s sake.

It can be hard to find middle ground with someone so different from me.

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