Dating non blood relatives

If there is not consanguinity or affinity, it does not mean you are out of luck, it just means you will need to file a Civil Harassment Restraining Order.

, what software tools can reliably manage "non-traditional" relations (remarriages, adoptions, step-relatives, etc)? How should data regarding remarriages, adoptions, etc be handled in a family tree?

My friend is in a closed adoptee group, and while she didn’t share the discussion with me, she did share that the topic started with “you know you’re adopted when your cousin tries to seduce you saying, ‘you’re not really a blood relative'”.

Many adoptees in that group had some variation on that story.

In even simpler terms, they both refer to your relatives.

In family law consanguinity and affinity are very important terms when it comes to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders (“DVRO”).

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