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St Baglan (Bagelan), son of King Ithael Hoel of Brittany, was a 6th-century hermit and follower of St Illytud.He founded the first church at the town that now takes his name.With heavy industry and an urban motorway, Port Talbot was reported as having the worst air pollution in Wales in 2005 with a PM South East of Port Talbot is dominated by Pennant sandstone which forms this high relief area including Mynydd Margam, Mynydd Dinas and the other mountains.The pennant sandstone is made up of two formations which are the Rhondda Member and Brithdir Member.Modern Port Talbot is a town formed from the merging of multiple villages, including Baglan, Margam, and Aberafan.The name 'Port Talbot' first appears in 1837 as the name of the new docks built on the south-east side of the river Afan by the Talbot family.The local beach is known as Aberafan Sands and is situated along the edge of the bay between the River Afan and the River Neath.The other beach in Port Talbot is Margam Sands, popularly known as Morfa Beach.

Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot (1803–1890), a Liberal Member of Parliament for Glamorgan from 1830 until his death, saw the potential of his property as a site for an extensive ironworks, which opened in early 1831.Over time it came to be applied to the whole of the emerging conurbation.The earliest evidence of humans in the Port Talbot area has been found on the side of Mynydd Margam where Bronze Age farming ditches can be found from 4,000 BC.There is a variety of drift deposits in Port Talbot.Sandfields area of Port Talbot is built upon blown sand and tidal flat deposits.

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