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They are included under different names depending on the test.So we should not expect to see “Netherlands” or “Germany” at all.The best way to do this is to carefully read the descriptions provided by the testing company to fully understand geographic boundaries, included and excluded regions and Peoples, and known historical events that influence that population’s makeup.Some tests do a better job than others with providing this information, but all of them provide some level of access to this data.Every testing company wants to be the most accurate choice. But these companies also want to provide you with simple and straightforward results that you can easily read, make sense of and share.For this reason, a good deal of effort has gone into creating attractive layouts, understandable population groups, and maps that show you, at a glance, where your ancestors are supposed to have been from.To demonstrate how confusing populations can be, and how misleading their names are, we can look again at the three reports shown above.

A closer look at the map shows that the British Isles population overlaps quite a bit with our region of interest (the Netherlands).

In placing the emphasis on this simplicity, the complex process of presenting your genetic data must be limited, and more detailed information that may help you better understand your results is often excluded – such as detailed definitions of population groups, explanations of population overlap or the science that determines how percentages are calculated. When you receive your results and start looking at percentages it is easy to see a population and make assumptions about what that population is.

But to actually understand what it means in the context of the test you have taken will need to educate yourself about that population.

The truth is that all major testing companies are doing their best to give you the most accurate results.

Although they all have weaknesses it is in their best interest to provide their users with results that correctly reflect their ancestry.

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