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If we do not receive payment within the 14 calendar days discount period you will have to pay the full amount. Make sure you have your debit or credit card details and the PCN number available before you start.

Please write the PCN number and your address on the reverse of the cheque. Please ensure you have your PCN number and credit or debit card available when calling.

You no longer have the right to challenge the PCN at this stage.

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If the notice remains unpaid at this stage the Council may allocate this to an Enforcement Agent for collection, who are entitled to add their own costs as per current legislation.

Charges will apply if you would like to keep the copies.

You can bring a digital camera to take photographs of documents.

Im tall confident and try to look after myself but splurge when required!

The best things in life are simple and less is more. Sometimes a simple walk can be amazing and yoga is somthing i want to (and need to) do. Sporty, outdoorsy, witty, funny and a little bit classy and sexy. Just realised most of the qualities Im looking for end in y.

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