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While the single European market (SEM) was ostensibly complete by the end of 1992, it remains a project in 'continuous creation': much SEM legislation remains to be implemented in member states; several important areas, particularly energy, remain restricted; and several member states have been accused of exploiting loopholes and discovering new ways to protect domestic industries.

Background The EEC aimed at reducing the 'cost of non-Europe' - that is, of stimulating trade between and economic activity in member states by creating a larger free trade area.

Of particular concern to several existing member states was the predicted economic migration of thousands of workers from the poorest new EU members.

Some warned this would lead to greater unemployment and downward pressure on wages in existing member states.

It became clear Britain's economy, closely tied to the property market, was too dissimilar to those on the continent for any currency change to take place soon. By then focus was instead concentrated on the government's decision to open up Britain's borders to immigration from the EU. Public procurement Source: European Commission – April 2011 Since the adoption of the Single Market Act on 13 April 2011, the Commission has delivered 10 of the 12 key legislative proposals promised and a further 30 complementary actions to boost growth, jobs and confidence in the single market.

The EC stated that it intended to keep the Single Market "high on the political agenda" and work in partnership with national governments, the European Parliament and others to ensure that the 12 projects are delivered by the end of 2012, the 20th anniversary year of the Single Market programme. The principal objective of the EU, when first constituted as the EEC, was to make war in Europe impossible by developing both a common system of law and making member states' economies completely interdependent.This has been pursued by the creation of a single market and then a single European currency and monetary policy, by the coordinated conduct of economic policy by member states, and by joint action in international trade negotiations.The Coalition, on coming to power in May 2010, pledged to "reduce the number of non-EU immigrants and apply transitional controls as a matter of course in the future for all new EU Member States." The Coalition also promised to ensure that Britain did not join, or prepare to join, the euro in this Parliament. In April 2011, the European Commission adopted the Single Market Act which launched 12 key projects designed to give a new momentum to the Single Market and help stimulate economic growth.

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