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This experience includes water distribution, sanitary sewer collection, sanitary sewer lift stations, water plants, paving, detention, drainage and residential/commercial development. Peña has designed wells in the unregulated Catahoula aquifer as an alternative source of water to the Gulf Coast Aquifers.He has designed numerous water plant improvements, including conversions to chloramines disinfection, permanent storm water features for numerous developments and has prepared storm water management programs for several cities and obtained Multi-Sector general permit coverage and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System general permit coverage.Over the past 20 years, consulting has been the first career step for many of the most talented young business graduates.But while they may be familiar with top firms’ prestigious reputations, few people know what the job is actually about.Bill is a graduate of the University of Texas and has spent most of his career in the Greater Houston area.Although having only been employed by SEC for the past couple of years, Mr.Many of our clients are leaders within their respective industries, readily embracing change, seeking innovative strategies and creating enduring visions for the future.We take pride in encouraging Bain camaraderie and are committed to embodying a one-team mentality.

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Bill has worked for private construction, operations and engineering firms as well as the City of Houston, Texas Water Commission, and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (“TNRCC”, now Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).Additionally, each year our managers, engineers and technicians undergo additional training to improve our management, coordination, technical and interpersonal skills.The firm has available to it a full range of highly qualified engineers offering expertise in areas such as hydrology, detention, geotechnical investigations, structural and electrical engineering, traffic signalization, water, sanitary, drainage, paving design, architectural design and engineering services during construction.Sander Engineering prides itself on providing experienced and qualified project management and support staff.Most of our staff has been with the company for many years and each individual has proven his/her knowledge and abilities on numerous infrastructure projects.

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