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"It's an out-of-this-world adventure set to '60s Italian pop as Aliens Zuniqua and Zablo become Rancher Tasha's ranch hands to earn the pancakes they need to fuel their ship!

" Tasha is in the backyard wearing a cowgirl hat and sitting next to full paint cans.

When last we spoke, Hof was filling in the details of then-Minnesota Gov.

“He said he was still getting asked about it, years later.” Hof has for decades conducted business in the Carson City/Reno area, but he’s now cavorting in our backyard in Crystal, just off Highway 160 northwest of Pahrump.“There’s nowhere else like it — and a perfect place for us to do business.” As for Hof’s second business, Mabel’s (which sits less than a half-mile from the Love Ranch) is to be the site of a new million brothel that has yet to be named.It will likely be something with “Ranch” in the title, given Hof’s success with the Bunny Ranch brand in Carson City. “You just have to make sure the (new) business lives up to that title,” he says.There is nothing inside the many trays designed to hold fuel.The two aliens, Zuniqua and Zablo consider going back to their home planet Zorbidor.

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