Dating guy kid

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Especially if you are in your thirties or older, and perhaps re-entering the romance arena, it is natural that the men you meet will be carrying baggage that is more than just a light daypack.

Even if you had always sworn never to date a man with kids, love may have had other plans for you: here you are falling for a single dad.

After your initial introduction, stand back and let the child come to you.

You can prompt this behavior with light questions, such as “who’s your best friend at school? Practice patience as you create your special relationship with this child; the rewards in terms of love and closeness will be outstanding.

What are some good guidelines to follow to help you navigate this uncertain, but certainly interesting, territory?

Do be aware that children get sick, and the ex may call upon your guy for help in certain situations, so when that happens, stay calm.why did they split - women who split and have a kid get some serious complexes and baggage, that YOU will get to deal with...far more than the normal chick who feels she's been burned in the past. it was strange at first, but at the age we're at, it's not so uncommon...The beauty is that the kid is only 1, you won't have to be a role model or daddy figure for a long time, so if it doens't work out, no big deal.Ask about the father, that can be a BIG issue in the relationship if you are to consider dating her for any length of time, do they have a good relationship in regards to the child, or does it cause her a lot of stress and pain...

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