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It is expertly covered with Genuine Fender tolex, using high strength adhesive so it won't curl years from now. The amp was looked over a few years ago, and all of the tubes were changed at that time. Both the head grill and the cab grill are original with only a very small tear in the spear grill as shown in the pics. Please ask all questions prior to the auctions close as I'm happy to answer them. Date code OJ on tube chart dates this amp as being made in October of 1965. Due to the size and weight of this item, it is being offered for LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, in our store in Bloomington, IL 61701. AUCTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY MB to check out our other auctions. Checked out all of the pictures and still have questions, be sure to read our frequently asked questions PRIOR to contacting us. And all photographs are of the actual item being offered. VIBRATO IN WORKING ORDER(you need the pedal to activate) SILVER FACE W/DRIP EDGE. No tears on front/back/sides- a couple of small tears on bottom, grille cloth all good == what appears to be an effects send with level control has been added as you can see- also a couple of resistors have been added to circuit- both of these are very easily reversible, but they certainly don't seem to affect the sound == The tubes appear to be original- 2) Phillips USA 6L6's, a mix of Phillips and RCA 12AX7's, and a"United Electron" made in Holland 12AT7 == I tested the amp with a 2x15 cabinet- and then had to keep playing it for a while, great blues/rock sound(channel 2, volume on 10, bass& treble 7, intensity& speed on 5) I particularly like the Vibrato, from a subtle shimmer, to a throb, to almost staccato, and all musical == Very nice and very useable, example of one of the less common 1960's Fender amps == We ship worldwide- I am very experienced in safely packing and shipping vintage tube amps! PLEASE contact me if there are ANY problems BEFORE leaving feedback! Payment within 3 days please == I pack extremely well and ship quickly as possible! Also check my other listings for more neat vintage/used instruments. No Vibrato List of new parts: 2) Shuguang Red Bass 6L6(1) JJ ECC81 12AT7(2) Sprague Atom 100/350 caps(3) Sprague Atom 22/500 caps(1) Nichicon 100/100 cap(1) OEM type bias pot(7) UF4007 diodes(3) tube shields& assorted resistors This amp was previously owned by the late Buddy Pendergrass of' The Tropics' White Witch' who later worked for Sexton Productions We have owned this amp since 1979 No Returns. Please contact us before leaving feedback so that we can work with you to resolve them. Jacks and sockets and adjusted the bias, so this amp is ready to gig and is rock solid! April 1967 Fender Bandmaster Amplifier Head Highly-desired AB763 Circuit Blackface Era Gorgeous.

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Vintage 1968 Silverface Fender Bandmaster Head(Drip Edge AB763) Good working condition. i would say it's safe to assume that most of the electrical parts on this thing no longer work, but i really can't say for sure. i really truly hope that this thing goes to somebody that can somehow magically revive it. But will mail it however you want to if you will pay for it. The tolex is in good shape with a couple of small areas of fraying, very common on the underside seams(pictured) and a small little tear near the handle on the top- no major issues or missing pieces. I have owned this since the 90's and it is a great sounding amp in perfect operating condition. Great set of strong 1960's RCA pre-amp tubes(12AX7's and 12AT7) NOS testing pair of GE 6L6GC's from the same era as the amp. Some people make these into a 4 6V6 output and add sockets.Sounds great 2x Sovtek 6L6WXT tubes 1x 12AT7 1x 12AX7 2x 7025 2 channels Channel 1 has 2 inputs(high/low gain) Bright/normal switch. the brackets to connect it to the cab and the feet are still there though. One of the knobs has a piece chipped off(see picture#4) It doesn't get much better than this for a Blackface Fender! uk.rp73(b0g``A 1964 Pre-CBS Fender Bandmaster head amp in excellent working condition. The 4 tube pre-amp section can also be modified for more gain instead of tremolo. Volume, treble and bass Channel 2 has same plus vibrato speed and intensity Serial number: A31173 Transformer code on power transformer: P060846 AB763 circuit Please see the photos for more details. Gordon La Salle Music 978-537-1200i got this thing in a trade and have no idea about it's past. But have had it for 3 years and never even opened it up. SHIPPING: We charge a flat-rate fee to ensure having enough to cover and insure large. We always return any overpayment, which is most common when shipping domestically to customers in our Rocky Mountain Region, and international customers in Canada. The tremolo works fine, but you need a pedal attached or a shorting plug to hear it. As with most used items, there are a few scars, scratches, dings, dents, dust, and dirt. Buyer will always be notified of shipping and which carrier was used. It looks like it was recovered by Kerry Wright from Fullerton California- who, along with the late Sam Hutton, is known to be the'premier' Fender amp recover guy- his work is like the work at the old Fender plant- down to every crease, fold and detail. Bridge position sparkle and neck chord comps are on tap straight across the board. The body is in great shape and could be cleaned up to look even better. Blonde tolex covering on cabinet is intact and doesn't have any rips or tears. 4071(Can't read the one number but the transformer looks to be the same age as the others) RETURN POLICY If any item we sell is misrepresented we will be glad to return your money. She looks very good cosmetically but for a few minor nicks and waves in the tolex. The power tubes are a pair of NOS Jan/Phillips small bottle 6L6s, which suit this circuit perfectly and deliver a tonal clarity that truly only comes from vintage USA made valves. With only lightly faded paper and a clear"MA" date stamp which translates to January of 1963. So, new owner may do the cosmetic cleanup to suit his/ her taste. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause Most of my auctions are listed using USPS shipping. I reserve the option of using UPS or Fed Ex if the need arises. This is owing to that infamous AB763 circuit that the collectors and players seek. 3 12ax7's, and a 12at7 bring 40 watts of tube power to the table. Rolling up the bass brings warm cleans, enagage the Bright switch and that Fender high end is right there. Norm: v, b, t, Vibrato: v, b, t, s, i, Both: p) Black tolex covering Silver grille Updated 3 prong chord Transformer dates: 022814-606-624 022699 606-6-30 0222848 606? Included is the original head cover, a little rough, but has done its job over the years! The output transformer and choke date to mid'62, while the power transformer appears to be a factory replacement, dating to 1967.

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