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Ever wondered what goes on in those Nevada brothels we’ve all heard about?

Well, the legal sex trade in Nevada was recently brought back into the spotlight after Lamar Odom had a scary, yet interesting time visiting Love Ranch South located in Crystal, Nevada.

Doing so will only pique your interest, so try not to tempt yourself. Avoid Recorded Conversations – You can try to be sneaky by speaking in “code” all you want, but it won’t help your case if the prosecutor can hand the judge pages and pages or text messages that show you negotiating a price for a “trick” or “full service.” While the burden of proof lies with the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were purchasing sex, not an oil change, recorded messages only make it more difficult to fight your case. A simple Google search of the word Back Page turns up two stories about prostitution arrests and one story of murder on the front page.

If you’re dead set on purchasing services or companionship, it’s a wise decision to go through a more trusted source like a friend who has done something similar in the past.

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