Dating end the phone call

Alphys's handle is ALPHYS, Papyrus's handle is Cool Skeleton95, Undyne's handle is Strong Fish91, and Napstablook's handle is NAPSTABLOOK22.

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Breaking up with them in person might be a logistical nightmare. You have to agree on a place to meet, get dressed, drive or take an Uber there, all to have a 15-minute conversation about how you never want to see them again? Because things between you two are still new, it's unlikely that they'll take this breakup to heart so it's fine to do it over the phone.

For one, there was no need to break up with this guy over the phone.

Sure, we attended different schools, but we only lived about 30 minutes away from each other and we hung out at most of the same places.

The upgraded Cell Phone's features include a key chain, access to dimensional boxes, texting, the underground's social network (Under Net), a jetpack, a bomb defusing function, and a shooting mode.

Under Net is "the Underground's number one social network," according to Alphys.

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    My past boyfriends I met at school, but I'm not in school anymore.