Dating doyenne

But all those winks, pokes, nudges and swipes are a waste of your precious time in looking for love, according to new dating site Project Fixup.It then asks you to take a simple quiz about your interests, likes and dislikes (see pic below.) But then here’s where Project Fixup diverges from other online dating sites.

Project Fixup is offering free matches to the first 500 people to join in the San Francisco area.Author of “Love in the Time of Algorithms,” Dan Slater is the product of one of the first computational matchmaking services, Contact, Inc.The now defunct service debuted in 1965 with a computer algorithm that paired couples in the Boston area together for dates.Head to Bergdorf Goodman and enter the world of designer, Firmdale Hotels owner, and author of Design Thread, Kit Kemp, who has transformed the seventh floor into a showroom for her playful textiles, furniture, and accessories, Kit Kemp is featured in one of Denmark's best-selling national papers.Highlighting the history of Firmdale Hotels and Kit's ideas, projects and passions, as well as her collaborations with daughters.

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