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½d 1st January 1902 - 25th November 1904 Blue-Green 1/2d Yellow Green issued 26th November 1904 Edward VII died on 6th May 1910 The George V 'Downey Head' stamps were issued on 22nd June 1911 (Coronation Day).Named after the photograph taken of the King by W & D Downey. On March 28, 1907, divided back postcards were permitted in Japan.This allowed messages to be written on the address side of the card.We hope you find this guide useful but it should be used with caution, stamps in circulation could (and can!) still be used after being superceded by later issues and equally 'old' postcards could be sent using more recent stamps.These rates applied to a list of countries who were signatories to the U. In the USA, on May 19, 1898 the Private Mailing Card Act eliminated the difference in private cards and government issue cards.

At that time, the rate for mailing an international postcard was one penny in Britain, and two cents in each of Canada and the USA. agreements, however a second group of countries whose rates were higher domestically were subject to higher international postcard rates.In 1904, France followed suit, with Germany in joining to permit divided back postcards in 1905.On March 1, 1907, divided back postcards were permitted in the USA.In January of 1902, divided back postcards were permitted in Great Britain.On December 18, 1903, this same style of card was allowed in Canada.

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