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Relationships, be it personal or professional, are paramount in life.

We may chase after a lot of things in our lifetime – money, fame, social standings, luxury goods – but the one thing that matters most at the end of the day, are relationships.

SNEF’s courses for dating businesses, available since 2008, were developed with the former Workforce Development Agency (WDA), now known as Skills Future Singapore (SSG), to provide competency-based training under their Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Framework.

The courses aim to equip you with the relevant knowledge, skills and preferred attributes to deliver quality services to singles.

Participants find her workshops powerful and engaging.

Vivien is also an established Style Coach with more than a decade’s experience in the styling and costume industry.Take action within 3 seconds whenever you find yourself hesitating to talk an attractive stranger or ask a crush out on a date mid-conversation.Trying yields infinitely more chances of success than inaction.Her background in research has given her deep insights into the key drivers for human behaviour.As an Enneagram Trainer and Coach, Esther is passionate about helping people on their journey to self-improvement.

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