Dating coupling and mate selection

Utilizing these behaviors usually results in two types of benefits to the individual who is being choosy: Direct and/or indirect benefits drive the mating biases described in each mechanism.It is possible that these mechanisms co-occur, although the relative roles of each have not been evaluated adequately.The competitive sex evolves traits that exploit a pre-existing bias that the choosy sex already possesses.This mechanism is thought Sensory bias has been demonstrated in guppies, freshwater fish from Trinidad and Tobago.Though this particular mechanism operates on the premise that all phenotypes must communicate something that benefits the choosy mate directly, they can still have unintentional indirect benefits to the mom by benefiting the offspring.For example, with the increased help in feeding their young seen in Northern Cardinals with more plumage brightness, comes an increase in the overall amount of food that is likely to be given to the offspring even if the mother has more children.One example of a sexually selected trait with direct benefits is the bright plumage of the northern cardinal, a common backyard bird in the eastern United States.Male northern cardinals have conspicuous red feathers while the females are more cryptic in coloration.

This became known as Bateman's principle, and although this was a major finding that added to the work of Darwin and Fisher, it was overlooked until George C.Fifteen years later, he expanded this theory in a book called The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection.There he described a scenario where feedback between mate preference and a trait results in elaborate characters such as the long tail of the male peacock (see Fisherian runaway).The differences in levels of parental investment create the condition that favours mating biases.The act of being choosy was likely selected for as a way to assess whether or not a potential partner’s contribution(s) would be capable of producing and/or maintaining the viability of an offspring.

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