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I realized that I might have forced myself until then to be this independent, outgoing girl with an “optimistic character,” fixing problems by myself without relying on my man.

Maybe I had been trying to prove something, in this society where people expect girls to be quiet and submissive. I wish I could say my realization brought me complete freedom from gender norms or expectations of others, but it didn’t.

I wanted men to accept me the way I truly am, complete with my outgoing, straightforward personality which I thought didn’t go together with girlish behaviors. For a long time, he never commented on my social gatherings or asked me to see him as my sole source of emotional support. Many of my friends started to point out that I had changed a lot.

I stopped going on different social gatherings because I wanted to be like him — being considerate and focusing on our relationship.

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I hope you found this post to be fun and informative.

I have aimed to only include the facts they all have in commons since Korean guys I met have been rather different.

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