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In a press conference, he said, “Because of the HIV virus I have attained, I will have to retire from the Lakers…

I plan to go on living for a long time.”Over 25 years later, Johnson has made good on his plan.

While still involved in sports as a commentator, he also started the Magic Johnson Foundation, an educational organization whose aim is to prevent the spread of HIV.

Aside from being known as an Olympic diving champion in the 1980s, Louganis is also one of the most famous faces of HIV awareness.

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HIV is a virus that weakens a person’s immune system by destroying CD4 cells, a type of white blood cell.

The diving was much more of a positive thing to focus on.

I did suffer from depression; if we had a day off, I couldn’t get out of bed. But as long as I had something on the calendar, I showed up.”Freddie Mercury kept his HIV diagnosis private for years.

Not only is he a former basketball star, he’s also one of the first celebrities to inform the world that he’s HIV-positive.

Johnson made his announcement in 1991 — a time when the public believed a great number of misconceptions about HIV.

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