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"We had to choose some to the exclusion of others, which is a limitation of the study, but in the end we chose the ones we did because we thought they were the richest in description." Read the complete article "'People who aren't really reporters at all, who have no professional qualifications': Defining a journalist and deciding who may claim the privileges" online at the related link. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The 'take away' message was "How can you know what you are talking about when you don't even know what you are talking about?The content is provided for information purposes only. In response to criticism, President Obama has lobbied for a federal shield bill.A draft of the bill defined a journalist as a person with a primary intent to investigate, procure materials through interviews and observations and to disseminate information.

The Internet, mobile devices and social media have opened the door to new forms of journalism for bloggers, activists and hobbyists, among others, but a variety of texts and legal sources exclude those newsgatherers from their definitions of a journalist, according to the study published in the online edition of the N. "To be clear, our definition is not a recommendation," Peters said.

Nicole had earlier worked for WINK-TV (Fort Myers, Florida), WCAX-TV (Burlington, Vermont), and WMDN (Meridian, Mississippi).

She was with WHDH-TV where she worked for 11 years in the capacity of an anchor and a reporter.

She is with 7 News since 2007 and then switched to WFXT. She co-anchors Boston 25’s 10 pm and 11 pm weekend broadcast. On weekdays, Nicole also does the reporting for Boston 25 Morning News.

It was in January 2019 that she came to Boston 25 News (WFXT). When she joined Boston 25 News, Nicole had this to say:“I’m thrilled to be joining such a talented staff of journalists.

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