Dating a song

Asher Angel came in hot with the vintage Justin Bieber aesthetic this past April when he put out "One Thought Away" featuring Wiz Khalifa.

It's not just the acoustic guitar with soulful vocals and R&B flavor.

If you're trying to focus on casual sex and hookups, but your mind keeps daydreaming about a certain someone in particular? The video is also a delight: dark and sexy looks, Not only is "Dream Glow" Charli XCX's collaboration with BTS for their upcoming video game soundtrack.And whether you're going to invite them over, because the longing is palpable.These are the slow songs about the anticipation for what comes after this excellent date — and a smooth second date, and a triumphant third one.And finally, these are the songs about that effortless peace that comes when you're hanging with the right person.Maybe you're fresh off a breakup and on the rebound, hooking up and seeing where it goes, or fully prepared to open your heart to a romantic partnership.

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