Dating a hagstrom guitar

Many of these stores were sold to the store-managers and still one person could tell you very much of the Hagstrm/Bjrton story - the former Store-manager in Vxj, Sweden - Mr Sven Magnusson.

I will try to reach him and put you in touch with him.

You can find out who bought it by clicking HERE And see the Hagstrom UK La Rita HERE See Anders Hagstrom Story for a major project on a La Rita too!

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What I know however is that unfortunately the company Bjrton Guitars closed..."(both branded Bjarton). If you care to go back a little further to the time of the First Semi-acoustic Viking models, the acoustics did not enjoy the chromed tailpiece or adjustable bridges of 1967/8 production models.The difference between the Standard and Deluxe is very small on the pegbridge versions.The Rio Grande had a more ornate headstock, and was from around 1978 as part of the revised marking as the "Western" offering of six string pegbridge J-45 and this 12 string model.A Luthier and dealers I have visited all say it is one of, if not the cleanest vintage guitars they have seen. Considering any fair price a restorer/collector may be willing to pay. The guitar is all original, never been touched except to play. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHARE I MIGHT FIND ONE-- THANKS-RHP : : I've got one ! : Hi guitar and original case in original condition. 3 pick-up sunburst with an awesome neck that is straight & true!

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