Dating a flake

Flaking is one of the more frustrating parts of dating along with a number of other kind of unreliable behavior.

It’s kind of a guarantee of dating depending on how many dates with different women you go out with AND how you’re getting their information. Sure it might feel good to get it off your chest but it won’t solve anything. Think about all the reasons why she would flake out.

And if you are a woman, how has had series of disappointing experiences with men recently, I highly suggest that you read the article on handling negative dating past.

I scheduled a coffee date for 1 PM Thursday with someone on Bumble. Earlier this month, there was an Op Ed in the New York Times called The Golden Age of Bailing. My grandmother just got bubonic plague.…’” Whether it’s canceling on someone at the last minute, which so many of my own dates and my clients’ dates have done, or ghosting (the deplorable act of “ending” a romantic relationship by simply no longer responding), remember that no matter what you call them, they are still bad—very bad—behaviors.

You go to a shoe a store, see 100 pairs of shoes or more, and your eye catches 4 or 5 pairs that you would like to try on.

Out of those few pairs, you find one that looks good and that is comfortable to wear.

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