Dating a dancer

If you have a history of terrible breakups, you may want to reconsider dating within the scene.

The reason is simple: you’ll probably have to see them again.

If you’re in doubt, my personal opinion is that you shouldn’t go there.

Don’t dick around with people who are serious about you.

Distance can work, but it’s not common for it to work out long-term.

Are your feelings for the person strong enough to warrant that risk?

If you date a dancer, you can still spend time together while being involved in your hobby.

Non-dancers typically won’t ‘get it’, and they may get frustrated… Some people are OK with cutting back on dance if they meet someone special. If you fall into the former category, dating a non-dancer may work. There is also an awkward learning curve, where one person is significantly stronger than the other.

It can be awesome to meet someone great at an event overseas – but beware of getting involved without considering what distance means for a more serious relationship. If you do both try to stick it out, will you be able to handle it?

If you’re dating a local, consider the size of your scene. If you’re considering dating someone who you hope to partner, think very carefully about mixing business with pleasure. I’m in this type of relationship, and it works for me. We have to be very careful about setting boundaries between dance work and our personal life.

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