Dating 101 audio course

You can download lecture videos from Udemy as long as the course instructor has made them available as supplementary materials.

Note, however, that some instructors may not necessarily make them available in video format.

Full diploma–level courses are offered in both core practices and theory and advanced transactions.

Etiquette 101 is an overview of today's etiquette rules, updated for today's fast-paced lifestyles and ever-changing codes of conduct for work and leisure. At one time, it served as an indicator of each person's proper station in life.

Today, etiquette helps smooth the path of our daily activities, whether it's meeting others in our daily interactions, talking to someone on the phone, offering condolences properly or understanding how to talk to colleagues at a business conference.

In Etiquette 101, you'll learn the rules of good behavior for today's most common social and business situations, including the common courtesies of life that many of us have forgotten or may not have learned, from when to offer your seat on a bus to a stranger to how to share a cab.

Just click on one of the supplementary course materials to start the standard download prompts: choose to open the file or save it, and (assuming that you choose to save the file) where on your computer you want to save it.

If you are using the Udemy mobile device application, then you can download courses, course sections, or individual lectures to your mobile device (such as a tablet computer or smart phones).

The one highlighted in grey at the top is the lecture that you watched last. The Downloads tab looks like an arrow pressing into a rectangle.Etiquette 101 will teach you everything you need to know to move graciously through today's world.Table manners make eating with others a pleasant experience.You may have to settle for PDF documents, presentation slides, or audio files.Also note that some course instructors may not allow downloading of videos or supplementary course materials at all.

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