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Sometimes you might get invited to interview by a college you did not apply to.This is part of our reallocation process, where applicants get moved around to make sure everyone interviewed has a similar chance of being made an offer.Remember they are trying to find out how you think so anything you say will interest them.Many questions are designed to test your ability to apply logic and reason to an idea you may never have encountered before.Tutors shortlist the candidates they feel have the strongest potential and meet their selection criteria best.Only those shortlisted are invited to interview in Oxford.

They will probably ask you a few simple questions to begin with: perhaps about something in your personal statement or why you have applied for a particular course.

Normally you will be interviewed by two tutors, occasionally more.

If you are applying for a joint course, with two or more subjects, you should expect to be interviewed by tutors representing each of the subjects.

Tutors are looking for your self-motivation and enthusiasm for your subject.

Decisions are not based on your manners, appearance or background, but on your ability to think independently and to engage with new ideas beyond the scope of your school or college syllabus.‘Interviews give us the chance to see whether an applicant has the intellectual capacity to learn and be stretched by our teaching system; fundamentally the question is this: can we teach this person in a tutorial situation and will they thrive in this environment?

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