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She also specialises in opinion and feature writing on gendered violence and women’s issues.Sherele is the recipient of the 2018 Band T Women in Media Social Change Maker Award and has multiple Clarion and Walkley Our Watch journalism excellence awards for her work reducing...

Men are murdered at four times the rate of women in Australia, so that means there are potentially 8000 adult male victims of violence whose stories need to be recorded.

I am not milking the "domestic violence cash cow" or taking dosh from unwary taxpayers, as prominent commentators like Mark Latham insist.

Domestic violence deaths figure highly on the map, and that is no surprise as most women and children who die a violent death do so in a family abuse situation.

But I would like them to know that their abuse and threats will not deter me from continuing this important work.

I have spent a good two years researching and writing the stories of more than 1100 women and kids lost to violence.

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