Cyber chatting sex bots

Recently, Sweetie has been endowed with Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the grant that the NGO has received from the Dutch lottery agency, so instead of operators, bots are responsible for the chat.

Now Sweetie 2.0 is smarter and wants its police to officially use this tool, although its goal is for all law enforcement bodies to incorporate it and thus improve their search and detection results for cyber stalkers.

The underlying technology will be available as a new Cyber Agent Technology platform that can potentially be integrated in custom projects for other customers.

The Sweetie 2.0 software will be used for mapping, measuring and combating online child abuse.

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The visual imagery has been further refined, and at a later stage new characters will be constructed (gender / race / …).

In the first place, it is fundamental to educate and inform children and adolescents about the existence of this type of threat on the Internet.

One of the techniques that most cyber stalkers are currently exploiting is known as Grooming.

In addition to having correctly configured the privacy options of their social networks and to not contacting with strangers through them, minors should know that sending personal photographs by instant messaging systems or uploading them to their social networks can put their intimacy and privacy at risk, since from the moment they share an image through one of these channels, they lose control over it.

We have developed software for Sweetie 2.0, a project by Terre des Hommes to stop webcam child sex abuse.

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