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A while ago I started looking at making a biogas generator, but didn't commission it because I had no way of detecting what gases were coming off it.A few weeks ago I was inspired by someone showing that they had made a DIY gas chromatograph, so thought that if I made one, we could do real experiments on biogas production from household waste to see what works best etc.....Next, try a hot wire detector - loop of constantan wire used to heat a thermistor using a constant current source - the temperature above ambient should depend on the thermal properties of the gas surrounding it.Unfortunately I was using a 100R resistor to sense the current, and my loop of constantan is only about 1R.So, our litle project for this Christmas holiday was to make ourselves a DIY gas chromatograph and see if we could use it to detect the difference between CO2 and Methane, which are the two main products I expect to see from the fermentation to produce biogas.

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It may be helpful for you to view the "opencv.hpp" library (located by default in: C:\Open CV2.2\include\opencv2\opencv.hpp) to see what is included and how you can reference the new libraries in your code.

To see the complete list of libraries available, go to "C:\Open CV2.2\include\" and browse around the directory.

You inject the sample gas into the flow at the inlet of the column, and the constituent parts travel through the column at different rates, so the different constituents come out of the column at different times after injection. I decided to go for a web based system, which means that you can use any computer as the user interface, so we need a little web server.

Although some people use Arduino's for this, I thought it would be much easier to use a Raspberry Pi.

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