Custody and dating

It may take time for the kids to warm up to you, especially if they are old enough to understand the situation.Avoid attempting to replace Mom and never say anything negative about her, which only hurts them more.Dating a man with children is different ballgame than dating a childless man.This is even truer when dating a man who has full custody of his kids.Full custody also means more responsibility for him, as there may be no one else with whom to share parenting duties.Unless Mom was never in the picture, children often feel hurt long after she passes away or ceases to be actively involved in parenting. When you meet his children, it’s important to be sensitive to this.Christie Hartman is a psychologist and author of five dating and relationship books.

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Courts strive to provide for the welfare and best interests of the child; they will uphold a parent’s rights to participate in the child’s life when the felony did not involve action that caused direct harm to the child.In some situations, Mom has significant and longstanding problems that interfere with her ability to make sound decisions, so custody falls to Dad.However, there are other reasons a father may have full custody, such as when he adopts children on his own, when Mom has passed away, or other reasons that both parents agree upon.For example, a parent convicted of embezzlement or tax fraud might retain full custody of her child once she has served her sentence.Physical custody refers to the primary residence where the child resides.

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