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Use the following controls to manage the list: The Deployment Rule Set tab in the Web Settings tab shows the active deployment rule set, which manages the running and blocking of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).If an active deployment rule set is installed on the system, the following information is shown: When a rule set is available, the rules determine if a RIA is run without security prompts, run with security prompts, or blocked.Security status is determined by the following attributes: The Update tab shows when the check for updates is done and enables you to change the settings for the update process.

Assertion is disabled in Java Plug-in code by default.The General tab shows the version of the Java runtime (JRE) that you are running and the security status of the JRE.The JRE that is running is identified by the Java version number and the build number.The table always has at least one entry, which is the most recently installed JRE.This is the JRE that is associated with the Java Control Panel.

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