Consolidating sales organizations

As a result, few organizations apply the same rigor to managing and steering cultural integration that they apply to a conventional, hard-dollar synergy. Senior leaders can find themselves in the uncomfortable position of watching the problem unfold without knowing what to do about it.

The most experienced acquirers, however, have developed a set of practical, effective tools for facilitating cultural integration.

By giving you the ability to consolidate multiple businesses into a single general ledger report, 365 Business Central allows you to launch your business quickly, manage multiple companies, and grow at a pace that works for you.

Ready to consolidate multiple companies in Dynamics 365?

Overall, by looking into these three areas, planners can build a powerful case for an event management platform that can bring a company into the modern age.

Prior to Aventri, John spent 6 years with SBI, a management consulting...

As more event teams in an organization join a standard platform program, there were always one-off workflows that have to stay intact in order to deliver for a planner’s constituents.

Being able to accommodate these custom workflows is essential to any solution.

When a merger or acquisition unexpectedly heads south, the costs are painfully clear. Productivity flags, and no one seems to know how to fix it.

Key people—those you planned to keep—start heading for the exits. In a culture clash, the companies’ fundamental ways of working are so different and so easily misinterpreted that people feel frustrated and anxious, leading to demoralization and defections.

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