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This includes late payments to creditors or false advertising.Check for complaints made to: Don’t agree to anything under pressure.Some credit counselling agencies may also offer this service.There are many different names for the practice of debt settlement, including: Creditors aren’t required to negotiate with a debt settlement company. Some or all of your creditors may not agree to lower your amount of debt or even work with the debt settlement company.

Be aware that some debt settlement companies may engage in the following practices.This will hurt your credit score because it can make it seem like you're less able to repay your debts. It's important to know what is happening with payments to your creditors.Make sure you do the following before you sign up with a debt settlement company or agency. Find out if there have been any serious or unresolved complaints about the agency.If your creditors agree to the offer, you must provide the lump sum to your debt settlement company.The debt settlement company will then pay your creditors.

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