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Also, if you understood that your comment about levels ("if you want reproduce the mix you're hearing at your studio, use bounce, not export") applied to L8 but not to L9, it would have been good to say so.

Otherwise L9 users would read your comment and be misled.

If you want to have your tracks & stems reproduce the mix you're hearing at your studio, there's no need to go to the extra effort of using Bounce instead of Export.

You only need to enable (in the Export dialog) the checkbox "Include Volume/Pan Automation." This is explained on p. When you do this, any panning or automation will indeed be rendered.

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The different lengths you see mean nothing because the absence of appended silence means nothing. And that silence is accounted for in your exported files, when the silence appears at the beginning of the track, and when it appears during the track.As the song is 3 minutes and 20 seconds I would like every single track to be 3.22 sec long. In fact, each track is composed not only by played instruments but also by moments of silence. Alessandro The thing is that I have composed a song but the editor is far away from me and he has to mix all the tracks too.If I give him the tracks with the same lenghts he will just need to sync the beggining of each audiofile to re-build the correct Garageband, for example. Additional suggestions and comments: • if you have several tracks that you want to bounce as a group (called a "stem"), solo them first, then bounce the track • exporting tracks means that any panning or automation will not be rendered.Clean Up takes into account the project currently loaded, and all other Logic Pro project files in the project folder.Only files that are not used by any of these projects are displayed in the Clean Up list.

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