Conflict theory dating

Weber believed that wealth, power, and prestige could all affect a person's social class How do sociologist define a minority group? A group that makes up less than 50 percent of the total population B.

Weber believed that wealth was the only factor that mattered, regardless of how that wealth is acquired D.

Both relate to genetics, but hormones influence gender more. There is little or no chance of social mobility What has modern science determined about racial categories? There greater diversity between racial populations than within them B. Prejudice only occurs within minority groups, but discrimination can happen anywhere D. In "hook ups," physical intimacy comes before getting to know each other. "Hook ups" are just one night stands and don't lead to relationships D.A conflict of interest causes an employee to experience a struggle between diverging interests, points of view, or allegiances.Conflicts of interest are generally forbidden in company codes of conduct and/or employee handbooks.Social conflict theory is present all around you if you look closely enough.In a classic summation of Marx’s original social conflict theory, various theorists have used the example of the renter versus the landlord.

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