Computer always updating shutdown

If the issue seems resolved, your surge protector / UPS is either overloaded (try leaving just your computer plugged in) or simply defective (bad luck! If you use resource-heavy programs or apps, you may need a charger with a higher voltage capacity.

For example, if your charger is 90 watts or less, this might not be enough – as a result, your PC keeps shutting down spontaneously.

With time, laptop users tend to run into battery issues.

So, if your venerable laptop has become too unpredictable and keeps shutting down without your permission, your battery might be the one to blame for this kind of misbehaviour.

Here are some tips to deal with them: Device Manager In order to identify the problematic device, try utilizing Device Manager.

This Windows utility generates error codes and helps you troubleshoot device issues.

To diagnose and fix all your driver issues in a fast and simple way, try a special tool, e.g. If your computer is acting really weird and keeps shutting off spontaneously, you should scan your system as soon as possible – such symptoms are indicative of malware infection.

Here is your first aid kit: Microsoft Windows Defender is a built-in security solution that can banish unwelcome guests from your computer: Perform a deep system scan using your main security solution.

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Make sure your new battery fits your laptop’s requirements.

The preferred charger voltage for excessively used computers is from 100w to 240w.

Sleep Mode is a great option if it works properly: it preserves energy and lets you wake up your sleeping computer within just a few seconds.

Keep in mind that overclocking your computer is playing with fire: it may cause serious damage to your machine.

That is why we recommend you to disable your overclocking utilities – your system should run as fast as it is supposed to.

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