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On November 14, 2005, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland held a celebration both of the World Year of Physics and of the centennial of their physics building.As part of the festivities, the American Physical Society presented a plaque commemorating CWRU as a historic physics site, in honor of the Michelson-Morley experiment that took place there is 1887.Pressco's primary market offerings in metal and plastic packaging have been further enhanced by the addition of state-of-the-art filling inspection modules.Along with a number of specialty inspection products for everything from envelopes to oil filters, Pressco can offer the right solution for your online quality inspection and process management needs.The explanation of their null result awaited the insights provided by Einstein’s theory of special relativity in 1905.

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The apparatus they built floated in a trough of mercury, which allowed it to be rotated slowly.

As it rotated, according to the ether theory the speed of light in each of the two perpendicular arms would change, causing a shift in the interference pattern.

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