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The Grouplove singer-keyboardist is known for her energetic presence, which manifests in spasmodic dances and full-throated vocals onstage.“I saw her show in Chelsea, and was really drawn in by that large scale because I felt really stuck in sketchbooks and little things.” She began to expand the scope of her work by increasing the square footage of her canvases.“The moment I picked up a larger paintbrush and it became a dance I was like, ‘Wow, this is a much more natural way to express myself,’” she says. An early customer was Grouplove guitarist Andrew Wessen’s brother, who offered Hooper a spot at an artist’s residency he was putting together in Crete. I knew he was my guy.” While immersed in art on the Grecian isle, Hooper and Zucconi met Wessen, former drummer Ryan Rabin, and former bassist Sean Gadd.Yeah, profiles for western out to see us at the Direction 5 show and the call. When we had that place, I not considered we were on the same recreation.So it was without in the song stir that was the hardest was.

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