Christian woman dating a modern hindu

The relationship between a couple is essentially a relationship of the souls.

It is also the period during which the bride either becomes popular in her new home or unpopular, depending upon her behavior and her relationships with each member of her husband's family.

A Marriage vow I take hold of your hand for good fortune, so that with me, your husband, you may attain to old age.

The gods, Bhaga, Aryaman, Savitur and Pushan gave you to me for leading the life of a householder. 85.36)A marriage blessing Bounteous Indra, endow this bride with great sons and fortune.

Some times they may switch roles and the husband may become the wife and the wife the husband.

Sometimes they may also temporarily part their ways and come together again after one or two lives in a grand reunion. It is both an obligatory duty (dharma) and a samskara (sacrament).

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