Christian counseling for dating

These seeds have a better chance of growing if first planted in cold weather, then they can start to germinate when the season gets warmer.The coldness or loneliness of a season is not a mistake; it’s part of the growing process.It’s advisable to walk through at least four seasons of life with someone to test the compatibility of the relationship.I was working with a young woman who began dating a young Christian.It’s important to assess if you are coming into a new relationship with baggage from a previous relationship. If you are in a relationship with someone and you are not sure if your fear of abandonment is real or not, this could be a good time to speak with a professional counselor.To have someone who can help you address your concerns in a safe and unbiased environment can be very helpful.Her book is a great resource for Christian single women to read.

These Redwood trees are beautiful, magnificent, and can last up to 3,000 years.This time conjured up insecure feelings of loneliness and self-doubt.It was hard not being able to control who would reciprocate my feelings of affection., author Michelle Mc Kinney Hammond highlights the importance of enjoying the period of waiting.However, I view it as a time that God uses to deepen His own relationship with us first.It’s a period that God can use to refine our character and prepare us for the next stages.

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