Christian and jehovah witness dating

Other things are looked down upon or judged negatively by individuals within the organization. Matthew -17 For some items on this list, there are no formal rules that say you must not do these things.

No one forbids them from being a cheerleader, buying girl scout cookies, reading literature from other religions, playing competitive sports, etc. Jehovah's Witnesses 'can' technically do some of the things on this list, but they don't. They don't participate because most are overwhelmed by fear and guilt at the mere thought of displeasing Jehovah.

For ancient tribes, group survival was far more important than individual rights and freedoms.

They do not worship God by being faithful to a tribe, religion, or visible organization.

Matthew ; Mark ; See Law of the Christ The Jehovah's Witnesses recognize the teachings of Jesus, but they choose to put Jehovah first. Since Jehovah's Witnesses serve Jehovah, they must earn God's love just like the ancient Israelites did. The 141 rules listed on this page are based on our personal experiences when we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We observed fellow Jehovah's Witnesses dealing with guilt, what's right, and what's wrong.

Even though Jesus came to do the will of his Father, there is evidence that Jehovah is a very different God. There is guilt because whatever they do for Jehovah, it may not to be enough. Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jehovah's light gets brighter and brighter. Faithful Jehovah's Witnesses often feel guilty that they might be doing something to displease God.

For example, Jehovah's Witnesses must not celebrate Halloween.

Does that mean they can't give out candies when children come to their door? However many Jehovah's Witnesses will not participate in giving out candies, because to them it's part of the Halloween celebration.

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