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So why can't the course runs concurrently to avoid missing regular class?Many times someone mentions their operating system is "Linux" What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.Is good that people know the difference between the kernel and the rest of the OS, but IMHO just throwing GNU at the name is just as wrong when there are big parts of the OS that aren't made by the GNU those days.For example my desktop environment, windowing system, compiler, init system, libc and shell aren't made by the GNU, so calling it BSD/Linux or BSD/X11/MIT/Apache Linux seems stupid too.We employ a team of moderators to make sure that chatting on Camsurf is always safe and free from adult content.


Hi everybody,as many of you know I belong to Y-DNA haplogroup J1-L858 but my sample is negative for all further SNPs downstream from L858.Then, click on the large ‘start’ button and you will be instantly connected to a new and interesting person.Camsurf has thousands of users online at all times.Vous aurez l'occasion de lier de nouvelles connaissances et de vous faire de nouveaux amis en toute simplicité et dans une ambiance chaleureuse sur les nombreuses rooms déjà existantes ou en créant votre propre room!Faire des rencontres gratuitement c'est possible, alors à vos claviers et rejoignez notre chat...

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