Cell phone etiquette while dating

"I think that 'wait for x amount of days before texting' is bullshit," Reddit user victoria-n wrote.Yet both of them also expressed some expectations around the rules of engagement."The future of this is just more open communication about how we use technologies rather than assuming that they dictate our behavior," Trub said.When Dang starts texting with a guy, she doesn't feel the need to follow any rules."If you like the guy, go ahead and text them," she said.Another person, commenting on a Reddit thread CBC News posted on the topic, expressed a similar opinion. Intimate public settings such as restaurants, public restrooms, waiting rooms, hallways, buses, subways or anywhere a private conversation is not possible is a bad place for a cell phone conversation.

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For example, they agreed that a few short texts between dates can keep their interest. "I mean, don't blow up my phone with quad-triple texts and get upset that I'm not responding fast enough," victoria-n said on Reddit.

"Especially if we don't know each other well." Trub says unspoken rules like these are part of an evolving etiquette that varies between generations and from group to group — and can easily be misinterpreted.

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To practice good cell phone etiquette, put the ringer on vibrate or silent mode and let the call roll over to voice mail.

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