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) exposure and gambling that getting a Z-list celeb in his video will make his name, can make *him* famous! In short, far from being about finding The One (something for which most of them seem totally unprepared and unequipped), like most ' Celebrity' this or that this is really a show in which minor reality TV bods hope for a slingshot effect that will make them genuinely famous - too dopey to realise that they're being laughed at not with, and that such low-rent, exhibitionist fare only confirms them in their League Two status.

For that matter, beyond fame they don't have an idea of any sort in their heads.

I've particularly enjoyed watching the progress of Chelsee Healy (sp?

Celebrity-video-dating.receives less than 1% of its total traffic.Sometimes it seems that the dating habits of eligible A-List bachelorettes tend to follow trends.First their was the tech bro craze (resulting in the nuptials of Serena Williams to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Miranda Kerr to Snap Chat's Evan Spiegel, and whatever was going on with Elon Musk and Grimes), then there was the still buzzing art bro moment (see: Jennifer Lawrence's upcoming wedding to gallerist Cooke Maroney).Someone obviously sat her or her management down, though, and told her she was going to do herself more harm than good. The constant RBF has been replaced by wreaths of smiles. They do need to do something, though, about Tom the receptionist.His excruciating camp innuendoes and constant attempts to impress by using long words which he doesn't really understand himself are really irritating.

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