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-ti or cactuses) plant with a thick fleshy stem and usu. -ies) person who carries a golfer's clubs during play. Cs or C's) 1 (also c) third letter of the alphabet. 2 driver's compartment in a lorry, train, or crane etc. trimmed tree-trunk tossed as a sport in the Scottish Highlands.

watertight chamber for underwater construction work.

1 a cupboard or case for storing or displaying things. 2 (Cabinet) committee of senior ministers in a government.

1 encased group of insulated wires for transmitting electricity etc.

4 (in full cable stitch) knitting stitch resembling twisted rope. (-ling) transmit (a message) or inform (a person) by cablegram. small cabin suspended on a looped cable, for carrying passengers up and down a mountain etc.

2 light two-wheeled one-horse carriage with a hood.

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